About me

dcm_894My name is Jodi Moore, and I am a 43-year-old mom of a gorgeous three soon to be four-year-old son, Nathan.

My journey to motherhood was a long and challenging one (hence the age). After numerous attempts at falling pregnant with no success, it became apparent that it will not be happening naturally. I started researching other options. What became very clear from the beginning was that the other options all came with a hefty price tag.

After saving up enough money to try IVF, it was time to give it a try. The procedure was not very pleasant, not painful, but just unpleasant however we were hopeful. After three rounds of IVF had been unsuccessful we made a decision to make peace with the fact that we were never going to be parents.

Life went back to normal however as the months passed the longing to be a parent didn’t go away or even become less, so I started to look into adoption.

Again it was an expensive and long process, but we decided that it was the way to go and our last hope. After all the medicals and evaluations we were approved and put on a waiting list.

Every day I would wake up thinking that today is the day we will get the call and each evening I would go to sleep disappointed and sad because the call never came.

After a year of hoping and praying, we eventually received the call, and our son was waiting to meet us.

Once the initial shock and excitement had passed, I went into a complete panic. Not knowing when it would happen or whether we will have a boy or girl we couldn’t plan in advance. Nothing was ready, and with no baby essentials bought I was beside myself with panic.

I frantically began searching the internet and rushing out to the shops trying to get everything ready. By some miracle, we managed to get everything together and by the time we bought Nathan home, we had everything he needed.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. In a few months, my son will be turning four years old. He is a healthy and extremely active little boy. Him and my nephew, Henry, who is 2 and a half years old are inseparable and most days it feels like I have two children which I love.

I truly have been blessed in my life, and every day I am thankful for everything I have.

Because of my experience and the frantic running around trying to get everything ready for the arrival of my son in a very short time, I was racking my brain on how I could make the lives of other parents to be easier.

That is why I decided to review baby products so that other moms and dads can easily access all the information they need to make informed decisions about which are the best products, in a short time.

Serious business aside:

What are my hobbies?

I love reading, cooking and spending time outdoors with my family. As a mom, I don’t get much time for reading but do spend a lot of time camping and fishing with the family.

What are my like and dislikes?

I love sushi, and chocolate coated peanuts and semi-sweet white wine. I hate green beans and rude people.

My other love is animals and I have two dogs, a Maltese, and a chi hua hua named Gordon Ramsay Jnr, after my favorite chef. Not sure if he would see it as a compliment, though.

My favorite saying is:

You’re never too old to learn! I love learning new things and see each day as a challenge.

My best attributes are:

I am extremely loyal and once I have committed to something I will see it through. I will take the clothes off my back without a second thought to help someone else.

My worst attribute is:

I trust too easily, and some people tend to take advantage of that.

I love life and am grateful for all my blessings. My passion is children and for that reason, I have devoted my time to helping other parents save time so they can spend more time with their little ones.

I hope that you enjoy the reviews and that they save you time when deciding which product is best for you and your child.

Happy Parenting,

Love Jodi