Which are the best double stroller lightweight ?

As a mother of a boisterous toddler, I find myself in awe of parents with more than one child. I especially take my hat off to parents of twins. I can see myself handling two kids of different ages. However, I can only imagine how tough it must be for moms of twins, newborn or infant twins in particular. Double the number of nappies, twice as much formula, or if you are breastfeeding two hungry and impatient infants screaming for a chance to feed.

However, when they become Toddlers, then I think it is best to have two of the same age as they can entertain each other and mom can catch up on all the “me” time she missed when they were younger.
So, Moms of infant twins, I salute you, and as a token of my admiration I have reviewed some of the best lightweight double strollers for you. Saving you time to spend with your little angels.

Below are my recommendations:

Lightweight Double Stroller for Infants and Toddlers

Lightweight Double Stroller for Infants and Toddlers

I chose to review the Thule Urban glide 2 double stroller because I find the unique design intriguing, and I was curious whether all the features a parent would need are included in this design and I was very pleasantly surprised.

By no means only a sports stroller and is perfect for everyday use as well as jogging. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 23lbs. And its sleek design is perfect for when you feel the need for speed.

– Easy one handed, collapsible, compact fold
– Height adjustable handle bars
– Large, sturdy storage basket
– Fits through narrow spaces with ease
– Car seat compatible

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– Seats are slightly narrow

5 point safety harness, reclining seat, large canopy, rear wheel suspension and front swivel wheel which can lock when you want to run, all contribute to ensuring that you and your children have a safe and comfortable trip. You can purchase a car seat adapter to add a car seat on for your infant easily. The car seat adapter is compatible with over thirty different car seats from major brands such as Graco, Combi, Chicco, Uppababy, Evenflo, and Britax. Certainly one of the best lightweight strollers suitable for children from newborn to Toddlers of about four years old.

Graco Roomfor2 Lightweight Tandem Double Stroller

Lightweight Tandem Double Stroller

Double strollers are, for obvious reasons, a bit on the heavier side, so a great lightweight option is the Tandem Stand and Ride.

Suitable for two similar aged siblings, the fact that it doesn’t have a full back seat means it is lighter than normal. However, it might prove a challenge if you have two infant twins.

– Can accept one Graco Classic Connect or Click Connect Infant Car Seat
– Pivoting snack tray
– Parent tray
– Large under carriage storage basket
– Suitable for infants and toddlers

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– Only one canopy

The convertible front seat has a 3 – 5-point adjustable safety harness and multi-position recline, each seat has a capacity of up to 50lbs, the rear padded bench seat with a 3-point safety harness, so both your children are safe and secure. The versatility of this double stroller is amazing, my almost 4-year old enjoys his independence and tends to get frustrated in a stroller and will more often than not prefer to walk. However, on long outings, he gets tired, so the sit-stand option is ideal for trips with him and my two-year-old nephew.

Guzzie+Guss Twice Lightweight Double Stroller for Travel

Lightweight Double Stroller for Travel

If you do a lot of travelling or are planning a trip which requires air travel, then you need to consider this double side by side umbrella stroller.It is lightweight and because it is an umbrella style stroller it is one of the most compact double strollers you will find.

– Extendable, Independently adjustable canopies
– Seats that recline, multi positions
– 5-point safety harness
– Lockable front wheels

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– Not compatible with car seat

While you can’t attach a car seat, the seat pad is adjustable and can form a cocoon to keep your baby safe and comfortable, while your toddler can still sit comfortably in his seat. While this stroller might seem basic to some, sticking to the basics is what keeps it lightweight and makes it one of the best Double Stroller for travelling with your twins, or infant and toddler.

Britax 2016 B-Agile Lightweight Compact Double Stroller

Lightweight Compact Double Stroller

There isn’t much that I don’t like about this double stroller, Britax has improved on the 2015 model with better wheels and bigger more accessible storage basket, while still keeping it lightweight and compact.

Click & Go System gives you quick and easy connection with any Britax infant car seat converting it into a complete travel system for your infant and toddler.

– Height adjustable handle bars suitable for short and tall parents
– Simple, compact fold
– Narrow design to fit through standard doorways

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– Can only take one car seat

The large canopies, 5-point safety harnesses, leg and foot supports guarantees your little ones will have a comfy ride. It is easily manoeuvrable even with two children in and has a sturdy storage basket. It can accept the other main brand car seats by using a car seat adapter which you will need to purchase separately. I think it is safe to say that this stroller is a strong contender for one of the best lightweight and compact, double side by side strollers.

Baby Trend Expedition Small Lightweight double Stroller

Lightweight double Stroller

If you are a jogger with twins or two near aged children going for a jog may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, Baby Trend has designed this double stroller with you in mind, not only can you still enjoy your run but your children can enjoy it with you.

– 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain, rubber pneumatic bicycle tires
– Front swivel wheel can lock
– Large storage basket
– Multi position reclining seat

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– Can’t attach car seat
– Doesn’t fit through narrow doors

Parents please read the fine print, this a jogger, it is lightweight and small for a jogger but it isn’t ideal for shopping as it doesn’t fit through all doors easily. If you choose to buy this stroller as a double jogging stroller or for day trips to the zoo or park you won’t be disappointed. The 3 wheel design, 5-point safety harnesses, durable all terrain wheels offer you and your children a safe and comfy jog.


Regardless of whether you are from Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UK or Malaysia, as parents our needs and wishes are the same. We all want what is best for our children. No matter what your budget and whether you are shopping for a cheap double stroller to use as a second stroller or if you are in the market for a more expensive Maclaren or Valco double stroller. Always make sure that the stroller you choose is best for your lifestyle and safe for your children.

Even though a stroller may be the cheapest, smallest, most compact, most lightweight, best rated and have rave reviews that don’t necessarily make it the right stroller for you. Pay attention to the features, make sure it has all the basics that you are looking for and need in a stroller. Added extras are always a bonus but choose according to you and your children’s needs. The saying “Keeping up with the Jones’s” should never apply when selecting or purchasing your stroller.

Parenthood is not a competition but a blessing. We need to do the best we can for our children and treasure each moment that we have with them. Because before we know it, they will be shopping for walkers and wheelchairs for us.

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