Some of the best double stroller side by side

I must start by saying that I have always preferred a Tandem style double stroller rather than a side by side mostly because a tandem is easier to navigate and maneuver through a crowd and while shopping. However, side by side strollers have their own advantages and may be better suited to your lifestyle. I have reviewed some of the major brand side by side strollers so you can see the pros and cons and decide for yourself which one is best for you.

Below and in no particular order are the best (in my humble opinion) of each of the following brands, Chicco, Jeep, Graco, City select and Peg Perego.

Chicco Double Stroller Side By Side

Chicco Double Stroller Side By Side

The Chicco Twin stroller is modern and practical and with its umbrella-like easy fold and designed to fit through doors it is probably one of the most compact side by side strollers you are likely to find. Well priced for what you get.

– Compact fold and carry handle
– Dual front (lockable) swivel wheels with suspension
– Independent 4‐position reclining seats
– Adjustable leg supports

Price & Reviews

– A bit on the heavy side
– Middle rear wheel tends to be in the way and may ruin your pedicure if wearing open shoes

All in all, it is a good choice for a side by side option. Suitable for infants from 6 months up to 40 lbs per seat so you could quickly put your baby in the one seat and your toddler in the other. Unfortunately, it can’t take a car seat (not even a Chicco brand car seat), but safety is no concern with 5 point safety harness.

If you drive a small car, you may want to consider this one because even though it is a bit heavy you won’t battle to fit it in your vehicle.

Jeep Double Stroller Side by Side

Double Stroller Side by Side

Jeep doesn’t make many double strollers, so they made sure they got it right in this model. It is lightweight and designed to fit through doors makes it one of the narrowest sided by side stroller available and comes with a very attractive price tag.

The 5.5-inch wheels with front swivel and suspension and 5 point safety harness ensure a safe and comfy ride for you and your children.

– Multi-position independently reclining seats
– Extendable European style canopies with sun visors
– Leg supports and foot rests
– Reflective piping to make your little ones visible

Price & Reviews

– Short handles so not suited for taller parents
– Seats recline with straps

If you are in the market for a side by side umbrella stroller then don’t overlook this one. It would seem that it is not suited for newborns but more for infants and toddlers from 3 months and up. If you travel a lot, I would definitely go for this onE. It’s lightweight and compact umbrella fold with loads of storage options makes it perfect for airline travel or even for using public transportation.

Graco double umbrella stroller side by side

For reasons unknown to me it would seem as though Graco discontinued the Twin double side by side Umbrella stroller, I find myself wondering why though because as far as double umbrella strollers go it seemed great with a high rating and good reviews.

Anyway, let’s not cry over spilled milk (us moms do enough of that) and take a look at the Graco Fastaction Fold double side by side stroller, while it may not be an umbrella stroller it has loads of positives and is an impressive all-rounder.

Graco double umbrella stroller side by side

I like the look of this stroller, and some moms have said they don’t like the color scheme. Honestly, I think it is great.

– Multi-position seats recline independently
– Canopies adjust independently and have sun visors
– Slim and narrow frame
– 2 removable cup holders for the little ones
 Undercarriage storage basket

Price & Reviews

– No snack trays
– Seats not removable for washing

It is suitable for children of all ages with a seat capacity of 50lbs each for older toddlers and for younger children it accepts any two Graco Click Connect infant car seats. The great thing is that you don’t need any extra adaptors or attachments just click and go. I am sure that most parents will agree that comfort and safety are a high priority, and this stroller ticks those boxes, with padded seats and convertible 3- or 5-point harnesses with harness covers, you are ready to go with no worries.

 City Select Double Stroller Side by Side

Double Stroller Side by Side

Let’s just take a moment to admire this gorgeous specimen. I am in absolute awe of this stroller after just looking at it but does it have the features to back up the good looks?

85 inch all terrain non-flat tires with front wheel suspension while find you strolling in comfort and style.Your children will sit safely and luxuriously in the padded, fully reclining seats with 5 point padded safety harnesses.

– Large adjustable canopies
– Quick one handed fold
– All terrain wheels
– Adjustable handles and hand operated brakes

Price & Reviews

– Not compatible with Chicco, Britax and Peg-Perego car seats
– Car seat adapter purchased separately

Not a jogging stroller(I am putting this here because its ease and comfort may tempt you to jog with it)

You can accessorize with belly bar, snack tray and a glider board. Glider board attaches easily to the rear axle to give you a sit and stand option for a toddler. By purchasing a car seat adaptor you can use it with 2 infant car seats simultaneously.The car seat adapter is compatible with Baby Jogger, Cybex, Graco and Maxi Cosi car seats.

This side by side double stroller has quite possibly made me change my mind. Weighing up the pros and cons of a side by side stroller vs Tandem stroller this particular stroller blows all the tandem strollers out of the picture.

Peg Perego Double stroller Side by Side 

Double stroller Side by Side

One of the best priced Peg Perego double side by side strollers, available in bright, bold colors as well as black or onyx as they call it but to me it is black.

Lightweight and easy to open and fold makes this a great double stroller for traveling. The seats are spacious and would comfortably my tall four-year-old, and safety is no issue with 5 point adjustable safety harness.

– Adjustable handles
– Multi-position independent backrests
– Adjustable leg rests

Price & Reviews

– Thin seat padding
– Small wheels

This stroller designed with agility in mind, and it has a central handle that allows you to maneuver the stroller effortlessly with one hand and front swivel wheels have ball bearings and lock option. For moms on the go and who enjoy shopping, you don’t need to look much further than this for your double sided by side stroller. Quick, easy and light makes putting it in your vehicle easy as pie.

I have only reviewed a few of the major brands here and that by no means makes the other brands inferior because there are truly some great brands available like Maclaren, Schwinn, Phil and Teds, Combi, Instep, Valco and one of my personal favorites Joovy. We also can’t forget about the cheaper brands, many of which are feature packed like the Kolcraft, Delta and Cosco.

Naming all these brands, I have the song “English Country Garden” playing in my head with the emphasis on “those I miss I hope you’ll pardon.”

But we will save the other brands for another day. For now, we have reviewed some fantastic side by side double strollers. Some are suited for infants and toddlers, jogging, everyday use. Some that can hold a car seat and some that can’t. But I am sure there is at least one that has grabbed your attention as a possible purchase.

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