Instep inline double jogging strollers no more, what now?

The inline double stroller or Tandem stroller as they are otherwise known are my favourite double jogging strollers. If you have two similar aged children that you want to transport and they are like my son and nephew the bickering is unbearable. Having them sit one behind the other seems to keep the bickering to a minimum.

Seriously, when I take them out I want a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and for that reason, I will always choose an inline double stroller over a side by side. I saw a very funny post the other day that I could relate to. On the one side, you have a photograph of happy siblings cuddling and posing for a photo with a header “Other people’s kids”. On the other side a photo of kids wrestling with the header “My kids”. Moms the struggle is real I could see my kids in the wrestling photo, it just never ends. Which side would your kids be?

Anyway, for that reason, I prefer an inline stroller. Instep had two models of great looking inline jogging strollers.

Instep Safari inline double swivel baby jogging stroller

Seemed to be the perfect option for active parents with all the bells and whistles.

Instep inline double jogging stroller

As you can see both were great looking strollers but unfortunately they had a few issues, apparently with the swivel wheel so Instep had to recall all 11-AR224 and 11-AR201AZ models as well as a few others and they have since been discontinued.

Both the Safari inline twin double and the Flight inline double seemed to have received great reviews so it is a pity that we no longer have the pleasure of experiencing them. Well, seen as they have been discontinued maybe it is for the best.

So what do we do now?

We will have a look at some other great alternatives that are currently still available and scooping up high ratings and raving reviews.

Phil & Teds sport Inline Stroller

Teds sport Inline Stroller

The flexibility of this stroller is what makes it so great. It comes as a single stroller but by purchasing a second seat it is converted into a double inline stroller.

– One hand fast, compact fold
– Can be converted into a complete travel system
– Lightweight
– Super narrow so doors won’t be a problem

Price & Reviews

– Second seat sold separately

12” all terrain air filled tires, lockable front swivel wheel, 5 point safety harness and new larger seat. Phil & Ted have taken safety to the next level with their auto stop handbrake situated on the fully adjustable handlebars. Should you trip and fall or for whatever reason lose your grip the stroller will automatically stop. Super cool feature.

By accessorising with the second seat, bassinet, and car seat you will have approximately 26 seating options including rear facing. Car seat adaptors are available for Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego. The weight capacities are Main seat: up to 44 lbs Second seat on front: 44 lbs, Second seat on rear: 33 lb

Mountain Buggy Plus One Inline Double Stroller with Second Seat

Inline Double Stroller with Second Seat

The Plus one is also a great option for an inline jogging stroller, what makes these so awesome is that there are no limits, a single or double jogging stroller and just as easily a complete travel system.

The bright and vibrant colours are what instantly attracts you to this stroller and then all the awesome features will have you hooked.

– One hand fold even with the second seat attached
– Bicycle style hand brake
– Excellent manoeuvrability
– Front swivel wheel can lock
– Rear wheel suspension

Price & Reviews

– Car seat adapters must be purchased separately

Your bundle, however, does include the stroller, second seat, bumper bar, bottle holder and lie flat cushioned mattress for infants. Max weight capacity of 55 lbs as a single and 44 lbs per seat as a double. The Handlebar that is adjustable from 31.5″ – 49″ so it’s great for short and tall parents.

You can easily convert your Plus one into a complete travel system by purchasing an adaptor. Once you have an adaptor it is compatible with Phil & Teds Alpha, Mountain Buggy Protect, Maxi Cosi Mico, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30, Graco Snugride Classic & Click Connect, Cybex Aton and Chicco Keyfit 30.


Some parents find that the inline or tandem strollers are more difficult to manoeuvre than the side-by- side double strollers. The inline stroller has a longer wheelbase and is also longer when folded.I still prefer the inline to the side-by-side though. Narrow so no battling to fit through doors and less bickering. The flexibility of both these strollers would be ideal for my needs, a single when I am out with my son and a double when my nephew joins us. I love to over pack for an outing so the second seat can be used for extra storage.

Both strollers are extremely versatile and will grow with your child or children from newborn to toddler. It will be a tough choice for me to choose between these two. In my opinion the best inline double jogging strollers.

Unfortunately, Instep seemed to have dropped the ball with the double inline strollers, even though they still have some of my favourite side-by-side jogging strollers. Be that as it may, we can still look forward to many happy miles with one of the other great options available.

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