Baby Trend vs. Graco sit and stand lx stroller?

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the Sit and Stand tandem strollers. The advantages of a tandem stroller far outweigh the disadvantages for me. A Sit and Stand stroller suits my current lifestyle perfectly so it makes sense that I would love them.

With my two-year-old nephew and 4-year-old son, it is a no-brainer for me. With a hyperactive four-year-old in tow, the Sit and Stand stroller is a lifesaver. He can walk or run off his built up energy until exhausted and then either climb on the bench seat or stand on the stroller. All the while his younger counterpart sits comfortably viewing the scenery or napping in the seat.

Graco Sit and Stand LX Stroller, Gotham 2015

Graco Sit and Stand LX Stroller

It would seem that Graco introduced the LX model of the click connect as the luxury model. Boasting more padding on the seats for added comfort. The LX tandem offers you twelve riding options for accommodating two children.

– Face time rear seat
– Multi-position, reclining front seat
– Removable Childs tray and canopies
– Parent tray with cup holders and storage

Price & Reviews

– Only compatible with Click Connect infant car seats

This versatile stroller will keep you and your little ones strolling for years to come. Front seat, bench seat and standing platform each have a weight limit of up to 50 lbs. Face time rear seat gives you extra time to spend with your baby while strolling. By no means an all-terrain stroller, however, it does have front wheel suspension and front lockable swivel wheel offering you easy maneuverability.

3 and 5 point safety harnesses to keep your children secure. Both seat cushions are removable and machine washable for added convenience.

Graco Sit and Stand LX stroller reviews:

I will give the Graco sit and stand tandem stroller my mommy stamp of approval. It has received great reviews on many platforms with an average rating of 4 stars. As moms, we are super critical when it comes to baby products, for any product to achieve 4 out of 5 stars is amazing. Phrases like,” the absolute best” and “Flawless quality stroller and craftsmanship” have been used to describe the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller.

Sit and Stand LX stroller replacement parts:

Graco has a useful part finder tool on their website that will assist you in sourcing and ordering any replacement parts you may need. Parents situated in Canada or the USA can also contact Graco via telephone for assistance.

Graco isn’t the only brand that offers us fantastic sit and stand tandem style strollers; Baby Trend also has some incredible options.

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Lx Stroller

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Lx Stroller

Baby Trend has done away with the LX stroller and now offer us the new and improved Sit and Stand DX Stroller.

Sit and Stand LX stroller Baby Trend vs. DX:

The DX or Deluxe is an enhanced version of the LX boasting a larger canopy, larger storage basket and re-designed rear foot platform with wheels for increased weight support.

– 5 point safety harness
– Covered parent tray
– Accepts Baby Trend infant car seat
– Compact fold for storage or travel

Price & Reviews

– Car seat can only be attached to front seat

Baby Trend weight limits are Front/Back Seat 40 lbs or 40″, Jump Seat 40 lbs. The DX can also accept the following car seats from other major brands:

Graco – Snugride, Snugride 32, Safe Seat
Evenflo – Embrace, Discovery
Britax – Companion, Chaperone
Safety 1st – On Board 35

Sit and Stand LX stroller reviews vs. Dx Stroller reviews:

While both the LX and Dx strollers from Baby Trend have received great reviews, the DX takes a slight lead with an average of 4.5 stars. Parents love the new and improved deluxe model, and it is easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want larger storage and better features, I for one would happily pay slightly more for the DX model.

Sit and Stand Dx double stroller parts:

Baby Trend also has an online system for ordering replacement parts and can also be reached telephonically. They have a limited warranty and all parts with defects, malfunctions or failure directly resulting from the quality of material used and workmanship of the finished product during the first 180 days of purchase, are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty at the discretion of the manufacturer. Proof of purchase is necessary. Baby Trend will even cover shipping from and to the consumer in the event of a repair if applicable.

All instructions and manuals are included in your box with your lx stroller, however, if for some reason they are not you can visit the manufacturer’s website. Both Graco and Baby Trend have downloadable manuals available on their websites. Some may even have instruction videos as well.

Graco LX Sit and Stand stroller vs. Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller

Both have their own pro’s and con’s and both have features that I love that isn’t on the other. The Graco Lx offers you a removable rear seat but is only compatible with Graco click connect infant car seats.

The Baby Trend Dx doesn’t offer a rear seat only a bench seat but is compatible with other brand car seats.

So which one? Currently, the Graco Lx will suit my needs and lifestyle better and would most likely be my choice. However, they are both great strollers, and I would be happy to own either one of them.

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Baby Trend vs. Graco Lx sit and stand stroller
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