With triple decker stroller no longer available, what other options are there?

Parents of triplets or 3 similar aged young children, while you have been blessed with three children I for one don’t envy you. While I too would love to have more children, I do not envy you the trouble of finding a stroller that fits all three your children.

A few years back there was apparently a company that used to manufacture the triple decker stroller. However, it would seem that they are no longer in existence. Where to buy triple decker strollers now, I wouldn’t know however if you have your heart set on one you might find a used triple decker stroller online, but you will be hard pressed to find them new.

Lucky though there are a few other triple strollers available for parents of three children.

Double decker triple decker jogger stroller

triple decker jogger stroller

The best triple decker jogging stroller available on the market now is the BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller. Not only is it the best but it is one of the only true triple jogging strollers that I could find

– Each seat has individual storage
– Air-filled tires
– 5 point safety harnesses

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– Doesn’t fit through normal doors

The BeBelove triple decker jogging stroller has metal rims, air-filled tires, and fixed front wheels which maneuver easily on all terrains including gravel and bumpy terrain. 5 point safety harness, six side storage pockets and three rear storage pockets, handbrake and multi-position individually reclining seats.

One thing that Bebelove has made certain of is that you have enough storage space to fit essentials for three children.

Triple decker stroller reviews

There really isn’t much information online regarding the double decker Triple strollers. Judging from the limited information I could find it seems as if they were quite popular. The fixed front wheel was most often complained about as parents moaned that it made the triple decker stroller difficult to maneuver.

The triple decker stroller was a frame that fitted three Graco infant car seats.

The other problem that it had was that it didn’t come with canopies. Because double decker didn’t even sell them as accessories moms were left to their own devices and had to be creative to make some sort of protection from the UV rays for their children.

With such limited information available it is difficult to review or rate a product fairly, it looks as if you either loved or hated it, though. Be that as it may, it isn’t available anymore, so lets rather concentrate on what is.

Triple decker stroller toddler seats

Triple decker stroller toddler seats

The 2016 Valco Tri Mode Duo X Double Stroller with Joey toddler seat is more a double stroller which converts into a double decker stroller when you attach the extra toddler seat. With the toddler seat attached it can accommodate three children as comfortably as any triple decker stroller, if not better.

– Comfortable, spacious seats for two or three children
– Folds up compactly
– Adjustable footrests
– Adjustable Handlebar

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– Toddler seat not included

The 2016 model has been redesigned and is even more compact and lighter than its extremely popular predecessor. The Joey seat clicks easily into the bumper bar housing to convert into a triple stroller. The all-terrain wheels make it easy to maneuver on all types of surfaces.

Even though there aren’t that many options available for parents with triplets, there are a few great options available so don’t despair. We will find you the perfect triple strollers for your little ones.

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