Are there triple strollers for infant and toddler’s?

With so many stroller manufacturers and so many different types and styles of strollers available nowadays it blows my mind at the lack of triple strollers for infants and toddlers.

I am feeling the pain for all the moms of triplets or twins with an older or younger sibling. Finding triple strollers as proved to be a rather frustrating task. The upside for you is that I have endured all the frustration and saved you hours of research.

So let’s not waste any more time and take a look at what is available.

Triple strollers for infant and toddler

Triple strollers for infant and toddler

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller (2016) is by far the best option for you if you have two younger twins or infants and a toddler.

The Tri-Mode Duo is versatile, so you have a lot of options with it to accommodate your three children.

– Large comfortable seats
– Low profile 10” tires
– Individual canopies
– Compact fold

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– Toddler seat is purchased separately

The extra Joey or toddler seat can be purchased separately and converts your double stroller into a triple stroller for infants and toddler effortlessly. Even though you have to purchase the toddler seat, separately you get a load of extras included in your purchase such as front bars, adjustable handlebar, rain cover and infant head huggers.

Th Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo has all terrain air filled tires and glides over all surfaces with ease. Another awesome feature is the glider board (also purchased separately) that can be added.

This gives you two options for a toddler, either sitting in the toddler seat or having a bit of freedom standing on the glider board.

Triple strollers for two toddlers and one infant

Triple strollers for two toddlers and one infant

If you are looking for a triple stroller for two toddlers and one infant or even three similar aged children the Peg Perego has the perfect stroller for you. With the Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller, you have unlimited options.

You can either purchase just the chassis or the chassis complete with seats(as featured here) or chassis with infant car seat. There is also an option for chassis with seats and infant car seats

– Extremely versatile
– Seats can be rear or front facing
– Fully reclining seats
– Adjustable footrests

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– Only accepts Peg Perego infant car seats

The SW is very spacious and won’t leave your little ones feeling like sardines in a can. The riding options are endless with attaching either one infant car seat and two regular seats, or two regular seats and one infant car seat. You can let your imagination run wild with this stroller and adapt it to fit your needs.

It may work out a bit pricey to purchase all the seats and infant car seats so you can purchase what you need. Frankly, with the limited options available this is definitely the best triple stroller with car seat attachment.

With all the options this stroller offers be sure to read your triple stroller instruction manual carefully.
With major brands such as Graco, Baby Trend, Chicco and others either no longer making triple strollers or never have made triple strollers we are extremely limited.

Moms and dads, it really isn’t easy to find triple strollers so you will need to prepare yourself for the fact that you may need to spend a bit more to get what you are looking for. But then again nothing is too much for our little blessings.

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Triple strollers for infant and toddlers
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