How do you decide what kind of umbrella stroller you need?

Once you become a parent, your children become your entire world. Life becomes a past paced game of catch up with your baby or toddler, between feeding your children, taking care of your spouse and ensuring that your household runs smoothly, you barely manage to find time to go to the bathroom without an audience. With all this going on, add the lack of sleep the last thing you want to worry about is which stroller to buy.

To help ease the strain on you, I have summed up the different types of Umbrella strollers for you, making life easier for you and saving you hours of research and give you extra time for that well-deserved cup of coffee with feet up.

The umbrella stroller is more lightweight, compact and less expensive than the bulkier, heavier regular stroller and will always be my first choice because of its versatility and ease of use.

Personally, I prefer a standard umbrella stroller to a complete travel system which normally comes with car seat, for my toddler because he is big for his age he has always sat more comfortably in the stroller’s seat.

Before you buy your stroller, it’s important to decide what you are looking for in a stroller and what features you absolutely have to have and which you are willing to sacrifice.

After reviewing many umbrella strollers these are my top tips to consider:

Where do you live?

You might find yourself been disappointed in your choice of stroller if you don’t take your cities weather into consideration, for example buying a stroller with a small canopy will only frustrate you if you are in a hot, sunny area.

Umbrella Stroller with canopy

Umbrella Stroller with canopy

Maclaren Globetrotter is the Rolls Royce of umbrella strollers with canopy, it’s reliable, well put together, reclining seat and the extra-large, UV and waterproof canopy makes it perfect for the warmer climates. To add to its attraction it comes standard with a wind resistant rain cover, so you are covered….yes pun intended…. in the rainy season.

– Self-service replaceable parts available
– Weighs only 10.8lb
– Good for traveling

Price & Reviews

– Mesh storage basket can be flimsy
– Better suited for short to medium height parents

The removable, machine washable seat keeps your stroller looking good as new, another bonus with Maclaren strollers are that they are shipped fully assembled so no broken nails while trying to assemble it before use.

Your child’s age and weight?

It is important to check the age and weight limit of a stroller to ensure that it is suitable for your child for immediate and prolonged use. Otherwise, you will find yourself having to purchase a new stroller each year

Babysing Multifunctional Umbrella Stroller for Toddler

Umbrella Stroller for Toddler
I absolutely adore this stroller, with its funky modern designs, tested up to 55 lbs. And fully reclining seat makes it the perfect umbrella stroller for toddlers and infants, my bigger than average 4- year old would sit comfortably in it.

Packed with extras such as mosquito net and windproof cover, this amazing stroller is one of my utmost favorites, and I just can’t seem to fault it. The unisex designs are perfect for girls or boys.

– Lightweight yet sturdy
– Compact

Price & Reviews

– None

I could go on forever about this one, its stable, safe, lightweight, perfect for vehicle and airline travel and guaranteed to make you the talk of the town if you choose this stroller, I for one will definitely be envious.

Your height?

If like me, you are shorter than average you will find it difficult to push some of the taller strollers and the same goes for taller parents who will find it pretty uncomfortable to push a shorter stroller that doesn’t have adjustable handles or handlebar extender.

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller for tall parents

Umbrella Stroller for tall parents
More suited for taller parents, leaving us shorter parents slightly jealous as this is a stunning looking stroller and the 2015 and 2016 models have received excellent reviews.

5-point safety harness with shoulder straps, removable seat pad, three positions flat recline and adjustable footrest are just some of the awesome features that the UPPAbaby offers you.

– stain and water resistant fabric
– 1 step brake
– Easy carry shoulder strap

Price & Reviews

– Not suited for rugged terrain
– Shorter parents may find it difficult to push

Lightweight, taller than average handles and suitable for infants from 3 months up to 55lbs. Even at 6’2, you will be strolling comfortably with this one for many years. A great umbrella stroller for tall parents.

What are your little ones needs?

Besides safety probably the second most important aspect to consider is your child’s needs, believe me, if my son is unhappy or uncomfortable I am going to be pretty miserable. For my son it is simple he needs a comfortable seat and easy access to his snacks and juice, and he will sit happily for hours on end.

Cosco Acella Go Light Umbrella Stroller with Tray

Umbrella Stroller with Tray

Not only is your child covered in the snacks and drinks department but so are you, a parent organizer with 3 cup holders will ensure that you stay hydrated for the duration of your outing.

Baby is happy with a convenient snack tray and large cup holder, after snack front wheel shocks and seat that can recline so that baby can sleep comfortably.

– 2-section adjustable canopy
– 1-hand fold and stand with self-locking latch

Price & Reviews

– weight capacity of only 40 lbs

Compatible with Comfy Carry Series and onBoard Series Infant Car Seats without any extra parts needed and a 3-point safety harness, this umbrella stroller with tray is more suited for a younger child.

What are your needs?

If you enjoy shopping or longer outings, you will be best suited with an Umbrella Stroller that offers you enough storage options to handle your shopping bags or extra goodies.

Anglebay Baby Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Storage

Umbrella Stroller with Storage

The reason why I chose this one as my favorite umbrella stroller with storage is simply because of the strong storage basket at the bottom, while most strollers have these, they are mostly made of mesh netting and not always as strong as I would like.

This storage basket is not only stronger than normal but also above average size, and it also has a rear storage pocket large enough to carry snacks, toys, keys, and cell phone.

– Extremely compact
– Baby handle bar
– Shoulder straps with shoulder pads

Price & Reviews

– Small wheels

The weight limit on this baby is 60lbs. Personally, I feel that the age limit of infant to 3 years old is a bit low and I could easily see my son fitting in it at five years old. By the way, this is one of the highest weight limits I have seen for an umbrella stroller

It also boasts anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels, 5-point safety harness and when folded is acceptable as carry-on luggage and can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane, available in pink and blue, what more could you possibly ask for in an umbrella stroller?

How many children do you need to accommodate?

Whether you have twins or similar age siblings it is best to go for a double stroller, it makes it easier for you as it is impossible to push two single strollers and trying to fit a 4-year old and an infant together in a single stroller will end in disaster.

UPPAbaby G-Link Double Umbrella Stroller that reclines

Umbrella Stroller that reclines

Not only is this double stroller stylish and available in great unisex color combos, but it is also definitely value for money. An umbrella stroller that reclines and can easily accommodate your infant and toddler together in this stroller without hassles. The separator between the two as well as the individually reclining seats allow baby to sleep while your older child can sit upright.

The seats can lay flat, and it comes with headrest and foot barrier for your infant so no need to purchase any accessories.

– Removable canopy
– Includes removable cup holder
– Fits through doors

Price & Reviews

– Can be difficult to turn for some parent

Storage basket, removable washable seat, lightweight aluminum frame and high-performance wheels all combine to give you one the best double strollers available.

What can you afford?

This is an important factor especially if you are on a tight budget as most parents are nowadays. While I always try to stick to my budget, I will tend to overspend when it comes to my son, and I will rather sacrifice elsewhere so that my son has, in this case, a reliable and safe stroller.

Don’t be blinded by the price of a cheap stroller and look no further because a $20 strollers can just not offer you what a more expensive stroller can.

That been said you could find decent quality Kolcraft, Graco, and even Jeep strollers for under $100 which will offer you the safety you are looking for.

I once heard someone say “A cheap purchase, is an expensive purchase” simply because if you buy a cheap product you will undoubtedly have to purchase another one because it will either break or you won’t be satisfied. The minute you need to replace a cheap item, it becomes an expensive item.

Something else to consider is the design and print, and the design must be practical and functional. There are very cute Disney prints like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cars, etc. however always check the quality before purchasing, all children love Disney but no matter how cute it is it needs to be of good quality and offer you all the features you need.

Also find out the availability of parts and accessories such as replacement canopies, wheels, storage baskets, cup holders, diaper bags and anything else you might need to replace or buy extra to pimp up your stroller.
Once you have considered all the factors combined with overall safety and comfort it is easy to choose the right stroller for you and your child, there are so many to choose from but follow these tips, and I guarantee you will find the

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