Umbrella stroller with tray

My little one has quite an appetite and is always thirsty, so it is important to me that my umbrella stroller has a child snack tray with cup holder and because I am a bit of a caffeine addict a parent tray is also a must.

In no particular order these are some of my best and worst umbrella strollers with snack trays:

Peg-Perego Vela Easy Drive Umbrella Stroller with Tray and Basket:

Umbrella Stroller with Tray and Basket
The Peg-Perego Vela Easy Drive Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray and Large Basket looks stylish and presents well.

– Super lightweight aluminum frame
– Easy to fold.
– Snack tray which hinges open and closed means baby can get to it with ease, and it also has dual cup holders.

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I absolutely love the large storage basket because I always tend to go out over prepared, which is no problem with this Umbrella stroller.

– Fragile
– Wheels tend to be flimsy. The ride tends to be a bit bumpy and uncomfortable and is not at all suited for rugged terrain.

This should be classed as a cheap Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray and Large Basket and not a mid-level stroller and as my Son’s safety is first and foremost this would not be my first choice of an umbrella stroller.

Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Tray:

Umbrella Stroller with Tray
The Cosco Acella Go Light Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray has proved difficult for me to review as it is a pretty standard umbrella stroller and doesn’t have many wow factors, however, that by no means makes it inferior to other strollers in its class.

– 3-point harness system
– Multi position reclining seat
– 1-hand folding make this a nice entry level stroller.

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Child snack tray with large cup holder, the self-locking latch and obviously the parent tray with 3 cup holders as I always like my cup of coffee along for the ride.

– Average sized open storage basket

Would I buy this stroller? Yes, I most definitely would as a second stroller to use for quick trips to the shops or to leave at Granny’s house.

Disney Saunter Sport LC-22 Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray

Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray
Last but certainly not least we have a look at the Disney Saunter Sport LC-22 Umbrella Stroller with Snack Tray. At first glance, this stroller has everything a parent would want in a stroller.

Loads of Pros:
– 3-position reclining seat
– 3-point safety harness and large storage basket.

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The Child snack tray with cup holder pivots open from either side and with its lightweight frame and 1-hand fold and stand it is compact.

My favorite pros are the parent tray and storage, and what child doesn’t like Disney?


– The wheels that keep locking and it is difficult to maneuver.

I am short, and my son is big for his age, so I need a stroller to be lightweight, so I can easily manage a three-year-old, and umbrella stroller without problems so to sum up this is what I would look for:

– Lightweight
– Child snack tray
– Parent tray
– Safety

I am confident that with all the options available there is definitely an umbrella stroller that was made just for my Son and me.

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Umbrella stroller with snack tray
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