Best umbrella strollers for tall parents

At only 5’3 ft. Tall finding an umbrella stroller which is comfortable for taller parents is probably one thing I will never have a problem with. However, this is a big concern for some parents when shopping for a stroller. Nowadays we as parents are extremely spoilt with what is available on the market and you can find a stroller for every parent and child, whether short or tall.

I have made it easy and have put together a list of my favorite strollers suitable for the taller parent…trust me you will thank me for this.

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe ez umbrella Stroller for taller parents

umbrella Stroller for taller parents

Sturdy, stylish and well presented the G-Luxe is not only a smart and super ezy to use but practical choice for the taller parent.

It is light, and parents of 6’3 have used it comfortably with no complaints of back strain.

– Comes with cup holder
– Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade
– Easily removable and machine washable seat pad
– The reclining seat makes it comfortable for your little one even on longer outings.

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– Hard to access storage basket
– Slightly heavier than other umbrella strollers

Tall handles and high-performance wheels make sure that taller parents can enjoy a comfortable day out with their children.

The downside for me is the handles aren’t adjustable so pushing it is difficult for “shorty’s” like me, however, while this stroller won’t work for if I were taller it would most definitely be on my list of possible buys.

Baby Cargo 300 Series Lightweight Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents?

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents

This super lightweight umbrella stroller is most definitely suitable for the taller parent. Very easy on the eye available in 8 stunning color combinations I could easily have bought this one on looks alone.

However, it’s not just a pretty face and to back up its good looks, it is packed with great features.

– Multi position reclining seat
– Adjustable leg rest and adjustable canopy
– Rear storage pouch
– Rain cover included

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– The storage basket is small
– No snack tray

It’s easy to maneuver and the easy carry handle and shoulder strap make it a good travelling stroller.

I could probably overlook the bad points because of the way it presents and all in all an awesome lightweight stroller.

Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Double Umbrella Stroller for tall parents?

Double Umbrella Stroller for tall parents

The answer is simple and a definite yes, with tall handles, very lightweight for a double stroller, this tandem stroller with umbrella fold is a must have.

One of the most compact folding strollers for twins or similar aged siblings, once fold it is very close in size to a single umbrella stroller just slightly longer, and the tandem style makes it easy to maneuver through doors and between cars in a parking lot.

It is compatible with Graco and Snug Ride car seats and can take one car seat in front which is great if you have an infant and a toddler.

The rear seat is suitable from 3+ months to 50 lbs. And can recline to 130 degrees while the front seat is suitable from 6+ months to 50lbs. With a two-position recline and two position leg rest.

– Includes 1 rain cover, 1 cup hold, and 1 removable small bag
– Compact
– Easy to maneuver with two kids in

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– Not suitable for rugged terrain
– The canopy is a bit small

The stadium style seat gives both children a great view of the scenery around and in front of them.
The downside for me, because I always over pack for any outing, is the small storage basket which is also quite difficult to access. It is also not an all-terrain stroller and more for quick trips to the shops or walks around the neighborhood.

However, overall it is an excellent choice, it’s stable and easy to fold, and because of its stability, you could easily hang a diaper bag on the back so even I could overlook the small basket and give it a thumbs up.

So as you can see, even the tallest parent won’t battle to find a stroller that will fit their needs. Prices range from cheap to the more expensive and with strollers you tend to pay for what you get. So if you buy a cheap stroller, you will get a flimsy stroller with no extras which will only last a few weeks and will not accommodate your child as he or she grows. But if you spend a bit more you will get a stroller with all the bells and whistles and will most probably be the only stroller you ever purchase. The bottom line is, choose wisely and think long term.

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Umbrella stroller for tall parents
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